Your Lousy Job Is The Reason Behind Your Poor Health

You may have never contemplated on this prospect but job satisfaction in your 20s and 30s can be the secret investment to a good health in your 40s. Basically if you have a lousy job and are not happy in the first two decades of your career, then you are more prone to develop ailments later in life.

A new nationwide study carried out by researchers at the Ohio State University revealed that dissatisfaction with one’s job can have a lasting negative impact on the physical and more importantly the mental health. The researchers found that a lousy job in early career can lead to increased depression and insomnia and it can influence later health greatly.

But worry not! If your career had a rough start which was replaced smooth sailing then your health is safe. There is positive correlation between job satisfaction and health, the more the former the better the latter, this research signifies the importance of job satisfaction in your life.

If you don’t like your current job anymore then soon your feelings will lead to some serious mental complications which are more likely to be diagnosed with emotional problems. Moreover higher rate of back pains and frequent colds would become a part of your routine. In the longer term these people also have a greater chance of developing metabolic disorders like diabetes or cancer.

“The higher levels of mental health problems for those with low job satisfaction may be a precursor to future physical problems,” said Hui Zheng, co-researcher and associate professor of sociology at Ohio State University.

Underpayment, lack of interest in job, limited career advancement, harsh management and hostile working environment  can be the reason for your job dissatisfaction and if you face either of these issues then it’s better to bid a goodbye to your current employer and say hello to a more peaceful work environment as at the end of the day “Health is Wealth”.

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