Do You Know Women Live Longer Than Men?

Despite all their worries and stress, women tend to outlive men in the long run.

We are not sure how most of men feel about it.

Double the retirement savings, double the closet space and now double the life expectancy! Hurrah!

According to research, better immune system is the reason why women have a longer life expectancy. Female immune system works better than a man’s and gives them an inner strength that men can only dream of.

A woman born today can expect to live 79.8 years – five years longer than a male.

Steven Austad, Ph.D., and Kathleen Fischer, Ph.D., from University of Alabama, stated in a perspective piece published in Cell Metabolism, said,  “Humans are the only species in which one sex is known to have a ubiquitous survival advantage.” He also added that “Indeed, the sex difference in longevity may be one of the most robust features of human biology.”

Other than the sex differences, men are more prone towards unhealthy life style including excessive smoking and chomping on fattier food rich in cholesterol. Men also tend to be more depressed  and when they attempt suicide, they tend to have a higher success rate.

In both sexes, the thymus gland, which produces T-cells, makes fewer cells with increasing age. Yet women still had higher levels of new T-cells than men of the same age, according to a report in the magazine New Scientist.

Some scientists also believe that evolution plays a role in and women have evolved to live longer so that they can nurture future generations.

Tom Kirkwood, Professor of Medicine at Newcastle University and an expert on ageing, said that although males and females made an equal genetic contribution to their offspring, women have a more direct physiological input.

As a result, female genetic material is less ‘disposable’ than men’s, he claimed. ‘As for the mechanisms through which the difference is produced, the sex hormones appear the likely culprits,’ he said.

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