Easy Ways To Manage PCOS

Easy Ways To Manage PCOS

The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects about five million women in the US alone. It messes with your hormones and, sadly, no effective cure has been found yet. Despite the fact that PCOs cannot be prevented, an early diagnosis and efficient treatment can significantly reduce life-long complications, including infertility, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

Treatment Regimes – What the Experts Say

Most women are able to manage their symptoms with medication and hormone therapy. Others prefer to use supplements and traditional regimes. A holistic approach may also be considered, which combines medicinal, traditional and natural remedies.

“I always look at diet and lifestyle. I try to help patients modify their focus and remove obstacles that might interfere with their path towards wellness”, states One Medical’s April Blake, ND. “Being a Naturopathic Doctor, I prefer to use therapies that are gentle and less invasive, focusing on mind-body medicine and lifestyle alterations”.

“I recommend finding the root cause of the problem”, explains FLOLiving.com founder Alisa Vitti. Having suffered from PCOS for years, she developed an online program that treats hormonal imbalances via nutrition. “I help women eat in a way that supports the endocrine system as a whole. Supplements are vital in the healing process, but nutrition and the mind-body connections are the basis of my practice”.

6 Easy Ways To Treat And Manage PCOS

There are many ways to help treat and prevent PCOS. Get your life back on track. If you’re not a fan of the medicinal approach, try these easy and effective alternatives.

Stick To A Balanced Diet

Include significant amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and dairy products in your everyday meals. All of these categories of foods will fulfill your body’s nutritional requirements, satiate your hunger, and decrease unhealthy cravings.

The active ingredients in these foods help maintain hormonal balance as well. Plus you’ll feel more energized and refreshed.

Want To Lose Weight With PCOS? Watch Those Calories

A study suggests that the timing of caloric-intake also influences glucose, insulin and testosterone levels. Regulating these hormones could have a major impact on infertility problems.

Women who consumed a major portion of their daily calories at breakfast for 12 weeks showed significant improvements in their glucose and insulin levels. Moreover, their testosterone levels were down by 50 percent. A 980-calorie breakfast, a 640-calorie lunch, and a 190-calorie dinner seems to be most effective.

Stock Up On Omega-3s

Research indicates that omega-3 supplementation can reduce androgen levels and help manage symptoms of PCOS. A study claims that women given three grams of omega-3 supplements on a daily basis for eight weeks had lower concentrations of testosterone and were more likely to resume regular menstruation as compared to subjects on a placebo.

Become Physically Active: Easy Ways To Manage PCOS

A regular fitness regime, such as walking or exercising, is essential to help boost your system and regulate the dysfunctions taking place in your body. Many studies have shown significantly positive correlations with physical activity and improvement in symptoms of PCOS.

Try Modest Weight Loss

Manage a weight which keeps you happy, provides sufficient energy for work and leisure, and keeps the symptoms of PCOS at bay. Studies have demonstrated that weight loss of as much as 5 to 7 percent over 6 month can significantly reduce androgen concentrations – enough to restore ovulation and boost fertility in above 75 percent of women with PCOS.

The easiest way is to start a regular fitness regime – one that you will continue to be motivated for long-term – and cut down on excessive calories.

Avoid Smoking

Women who smoke, have elevated androgen levels, which ultimately cause irregularities in menses and ovulation. Consider quitting if you want to manage your PCOS symptoms effectively.

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