Is Brilliance Really A Male Trait?

Women are another name for beauty, youth and looks but how many of us pause for a second and think of them as human beings with abilities outside of these domains?

Cosmetic industry cashes in on the fact that women want to look and feel young, and that they wish to fight off wrinkles and sagging skin. But how many products do we see in the markets that aim to cultivate and encourage intellectual grooming in women?

Globally stereotyped and considered ‘beautiful’, ‘delicate’ and ‘naïve’, it seems that women have internalized the commonly held belief about them. Except the feminist, of course.

These stereotypes have and still determined women’s career plans and interests. Women are more inclined towards jobs that demand less intellectual interference.

A University of Illinois study has found that young girls are less likely to think of themselves as smart and intellectually-able as boys.

The study also revealed that the data on the ground proved otherwise. Girls aged six or seven get better grades at school and are intellectually superior to the boys their age. However, when it comes to their own opinion of themselves, these impressionable minds believed that boys their age were smarter and were destined to succeed professionally.

This could be one of the reasons why girls abstain from fields that are required intellectual alacrity and are associated with mental superiority such as mathematics, neurosciences, engineering and astronomy.

Girls were also seen taking interest in activities that require hard work but would steer away from those that required quick-mindedness, such as playing chess.

Lack of self-confidence and insecurity at this age is alarming. It can play a very negative role in framing interests and career plans.

Truth is that women are just as smart as men, perhaps more. I mean look at Margaret Thatcher, Michelle Obama and Benazir Bhutto – some of the smartest women in the world who outsmarted men in a field that has always been dominated by men .– politics.

Feminists would also wrinkle their nose at the finding of the study because some of the greatest movements in the world such as Suffrage, maternity leave and equal paywere led by women.More than anyone else, women need to have faith in themselves to realize their full potential.

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