Fight Morning Sickness — No More Queasiness

Did you know that ‘morning sickness’ carries the word morning but it can be experienced in any part of the day so you must know how to fight morning sickness? You are all excited about that positive pregnancy test and are busy planning for the arrival of the little angel, you so longed for, when suddenly the ‘evil’ of morning sickness hits you with a bang. Please do not worry, you are not alone in this roller coaster ride; at least 90% females experience these symptoms in the first 4 months of pregnancy. It is a feeling of nausea that appears as early as week 6 of conception that may or may not be accompanied by vomiting. This feeling peaks around week 9 of pregnancy and may then begin to fade away as the 4th month sets in.

Why Does This Sickness Happen?

The culprit responsible for the above mentioned symptoms is a female pregnancy hormone called hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) that usually peaks during the first trimester and then starts to decline after the 4th month of conception.

Fight Morning Sickness By Giving Yourself A Break From Work

Your body is already making too much effort in nourishing the unborn baby so give it some extra rest to fight morning sickness. It would be best to plan a vacation in the first trimester because dragging yourself to work every morning may worsen the misery. If it is not possible for you then you have to stay strong and fight the symptoms happily.

Identify The Triggers: What Causes Morning Sickness

Anything including the aroma of onions sizzling in the frying pan, popcorns popping in the oven or a scent that your spouse wears frequently can be responsible for triggering your gag reflex. You really need to figure out the culprits and distance yourself from them.

Keep Your Body Well Hydrated

Make that effort to keep water down the throat be it in form of hot beverages or fresh fruit juices as dehydration contributes to nausea. Do not take fluids with meals, it might just slow down stomach emptying which is already sluggish due to the female pregnancy hormone called Progesterone. It is best to drink water in between meals to stave off nausea.

Body Positions That Relieve Nausea

NECK STRETCHING: Tilt your head forward till your chin touches the chest and hold this for 30 seconds. Now repeat the head tilting to the right and then left side for 30 seconds each. Remember; DO NOT move your neck in circular motion at any point in time.
SITTING UP: Sit against a wall with the back straight, knees bent up to the abdomen and take deep breaths. This should preferably be done in a quiet, dark room to soothe your body.

Foods That Guarantee Nausea Relief

  • Ginger- use it as ginger ale, tea or jam or you can even munch on the raw form of it. It neutralizes the stomach acids and propels the food forward through the gut.
  • Peppermint-can be used as tea or applied to gums in the oil form.
  • Lemons– are the most magical remedy to quell the sickness.
  • Cereals and dry nuts
  • Crackers and cheese
  • Pretzels
  • Watermelon
  • Low fat yogurt
  • Cold beverages
  • Sucking on ice cubes
  • Keep smelling scents

It can be a rosemary scent, lemon extract or peppermint spray, all of which have a very soothing impact on the hyperactive sense of smell in a pregnant lady.

Avoid Staying Empty Stomach

Take frequent meals throughout the day nibbling at whatever you feel like because an empty stomach allows the acid to build up thus accentuating the queasy feeling. To fight morning sickness, make sure to keep some crackers or dry nuts at your bedside table and remember to munch on them before getting out of bed after waking up in the morning.

When Is It Necessary To Rush To Your Doctor?

It is a heads up to see your healthcare provider if you notice any of the following alarming symptoms:

  • Blood in vomits
  • Coffee brown vomiting
  • Being unable to keep any fluids or meals down
  • Vomiting for more than 3 times per day
  • Continuance of symptoms beyond the 4th month of pregnancy

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