Why HealthUnits?

Our cutting-edge infrastructure will boost your cash flow, enhance your revenue, increase your profits, and simplify your medical billing. This will lead to improved revenue, higher patient satisfaction, and reduced office stress.


Reduction in accounts receivable


First-time claim acceptance rate


Increase in revenue


Reduction in operational costs

Better Numbers

Providing the best patient care and enhancing business health lead to improved outcomes for your organization. High-quality medical care combined with an excellent billing team results in better numbers, which keep the business thriving. Call us now to discuss how we can help you achieve these goals.
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Hassle-Free Billing

Incorrect and negative coding of claims leads to significant losses. We are experts in monitoring every step of the billing cycle, ensuring our claims are processed and paid quickly.

Killer Analytics

HealthUnits has analytical tools and a skilled technical team to manage advanced analytics. We provide insights into your financial outcomes, helping you to grow your top line.

Proactive Support

We provide essential reports to ensure your company operates at optimal performance. Our team of experts reviews key performance metrics and proactively notifies you if performance deviates from your targets.

Core Objective

Delivering the finest services at the right time, along with the best people


To ensure quality service, we offer a highly skilled team specializing in credentialing and enrollment. Our team handles form preparation, enrollment formalities, re-credentialing, electronic document submission, EDI setups, and registrations for CLIA, CAQH, DEAs, NPI, and TIN.


A dedicated team is responsible for appointment reminders, ensuring patients are prompted in a timely manner for their next visit to support healthy outcomes. We offer real-time phone reminders, a reminder texting system, and an email reminder system.


Our exceptional patient care includes quick self-enrollment with HealthUnits. Avoid timeconsuming verbal exchanges with our expertly designed and efficient enrollment process, ensuring ease and convenience for visitors.


Industry sources reveal that 25% of healthcare claim denials result from patient ineligibility for billed services. Our staff utilizes software and phone calls to verify patient benefits coverage, reducing denials and ensuring prompt payments.


Smart scheduling ensures coordinated and convenient appointments for patients. Complete off-site registration minimizes front desk delays, saving time and reducing confusion. Automated reminders and flexible rescheduling through email and text add further convenience for patients.


Pre-authorization and pre-certification are obtained well in advance of the patient’s visit. We reduce the risk of claim denials and ensure proper payment flow. Our qualified staff promptly authorizes services through portals, calls, and faxes.

Capability & Strengths

Health Units’ experienced and professional team excels in the following areas:
● Providing cost-effective medical billing services
● Ensuring continuous compliance with HIPAA regulations
● Successfully managing group practices
● Receiving excellent feedback from individual billers and small billing companies
● Handling over 100 practices simultaneously

Our Services

HealthUnits is dedicated to delivering cost-effective and HIPAA-compliant medical
billing solutions to doctor’s offices, group practices, individual billers, and small
medical billing companies.

Revenue Optimization

Our Revenue Optimization Program focuses on pricing and market strategies, incorporating pre-emptive and analytical approaches to drive growth.

Revenue Cycle Management

We offer comprehensive insights to drive increased revenue, enhance overall profitability, and secure higher reimbursements.

Medical Billing and Coding

Our proactive coders and billing specialists help your staff avoid administrative hurdles in the billing process and prevent low payments.

Medical Practice Analytics

Analytical observation of practice provides comprehensive insights into performance. We identify and address weak areas to ensure maximum productivity and reimbursements.

Crendentialing and Contracting

Credentialing & Contracting are crucial parts amid elements of the billing process. Our credentialing staff stays informed with contemporary changes and keeps our clients remain compliant with Government, Commercial and Private Entities.


Given the increasingly complex business environment, HealthUnits has adopted a
comprehensive approach to measure the performance of both small and large
practices. Our process involves the following phases:


Credentialing a provider with government, commercial, and private entities can be timeconsuming. However, claims cannot be paid unless the provider or practice is properly identified by the payer. Utilizing out-of-network benefits is another option for getting claims paid.

Charge Entry

The charge entry process plays a crucial role in the medical billing cycle. HealthUnits ensures that all information entered into claims is flawless and error-free.

Payment Posting

The charge entry process is vital in the medical billing cycle. HealthUnits guarantees that all information entered into claims is accurate and error-free.

A/R Follow Up

HealthUnits has technically skilled volunteers who are well-versed in handling all possible denials from carriers. Their core responsibility is to work efficiently and respond quickly to denied claims, ensuring reimbursements and helping the practice thrive.

Denial Management

Managing denials is a crucial part of the revenue cycle. Healthy cash flow and successful revenue depend on an efficient denial resolution system. Our staff quickly identifies the reasons for denials and works to minimize future risks, ultimately achieving maximum reimbursements.


Reports provide a concise overview of a practice's performance. HealthUnits generates a wide array of reports for clients, covering various aspects of their practices. We offer daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and annual reports to suit clients' needs.

HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Services

Health Units is a HIPAA medical billing company as it falls in line with the primary and extended principles of HIPAA. As a business associate, it conducts the risk assessment within organizations and pays ultimate regard to the PHI and ePHI. Being part of a digital age, we are in touch with the electronic versions on a daily basis, and, therefore, place all the respective safeguards for protection.

By performing a risk assessment, we exhibit HIPAA compliance and ensure an administrative, physical and technical safe zone to receive, store and transmit patient health information.

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