Physician Billing

HealthUnits LLC takes responsibility for protecting every aspect of the medical billing cycle. We improve the handling of account receivables (AR) by adopting technical solutions for denials. HealthUnits LLC also provides comprehensive revenue cycle management services tailored to client-specific requirements, ensuring that clients maintain the momentum of their practices.

Medical billing businesses face numerous challenges when managing individual or group practices. Effective communication with commercial insurance companies and government payers requires a technically skilled staff. Our team stays fully informed about upcoming code additions and is well-equipped with the necessary medical billing terminologies.

Increased Revenue

While it may seem like a luxury to have someone else handle the billing, outsourcing to HealthUnits has proven to be a cost-saving measure for our clients. The increased revenue they receive far outweighs the small commission we earn.

Sense of Financial Security

HealthUnits' commitment to transparency keeps you informed about your billing and collection statuses. You receive reports at your preferred intervals, allowing you to track revenue increases, outstanding claims, payment timelines, problematic payers, and more.

Job Satisfaction

It is unfortunate when a dedicated physician retires early due to stress from the medical billing system. Studies indicate this is happening more frequently. HealthUnits LLC alleviates the burden of managing the details and resolving claim issues, enabling doctors to focus on their primary priority: patient care.

Fundamentals of Optimized Revenue

HealthUnits Strategies for Optimal Revenue Maintenance: A Brief Summary

1-Examining Claims Before Submission

HealthUnits’ claim production team follows SOPs to check for errors before submitting a claim. These checks include demographic entry, pre-authorization, eligibility and benefits verification, and coding edits.

2-Flawless Submission of Claims

Once claims pass the initial examination, the HealthUnits team formats the billing form (CMS-1500 / UB 04) for submission. Claims are submitted via EDI format, with paper submissions used for payers that do not accept electronic claims.

3-Claims Tracking

After claims are successfully transmitted, HealthUnits tracks them at each level. We ensure a primary receipt from the payer and follow the claim until payment is received. Denied claims are reassigned to the AR Follow-up team to maximize payment recovery.

4-Account Receivable & Denial Management

Payments are posted to the corresponding patient accounts. Unpaid and low-paid claims are handled by the denial management team, which resolves issues and resubmits claims for reprocessing. The AR team negotiates with insurance companies on low-paid claims and sends reconsiderations and appeals.

5-Prerequisite Explorations

HealthUnits employs analysts who provide feedback on various revenue cycle activities, identifying weak areas needing improvement. Analysts track the cycle at each stage and generate multiple reports to show the organization’s exact performance.