What Makes Us Exceptional For ASC Billing?

HealthUnits LLC ensures that its team thoroughly understands Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) before they begin coding and creating claims for them. Our team is educated that ASCs are facilities that operate exclusively to provide outpatient surgical services, excluding office visits, laboratory services, and diagnostic tests. Our coding experts are trained to distinguish these services and are aware that only a hospital facility may be considered an ASC by Medicare. Since ASC coding involves both institutional and professional services, HealthUnits staff are well-trained in using HCPCS Level I and Level II codes. This comprehensive education and training ensure accurate and compliant billing for ASC services.

Industry Trends

Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) play a crucial role in providing same-day surgical services. However, emerging technologies and advanced economic algorithms have introduced several challenges in the US health industry. ASCs are struggling with this uncertain and unstable environment. Providers are unhappy as they are being pushed to work as hospital employees while still needing to provide cost-effective care, leading to fluctuations in reimbursement trends. As a result, several ASC facilities have either closed or merged with hospitals, while many others have remained static over the past few years due to low revenue rates. This challenging landscape has made it imperative for ASCs to find innovative solutions to maintain their operations and revenue streams.

Revenue Decline: ASCs have experienced a decline in revenue due to increasing purchase costs and
decreasing demand. Patients are avoiding or delaying nonessential surgeries. 

Growth Rate:

According to IBIS World’s analysts, the average growth rate of ASCs in the US health
industry was 2.7% from 2015 to 2020.

Surgical Distribution:
According to Becker’s Hospital Review, 30% of surgeries performed at ASCs were for
ophthalmology, 15% for orthopedics, 14% for gastroenterology, and 10% for pain

Reimbursement Challenges:

A Provista report indicates that reimbursement remains a significant barrier for ASCs.
There is substantial competition between ASCs and hospitals. Hospitals, equipped with
the latest tools and technology, are meeting the demands of patients and physicians
more effectively. In contrast, ASCs face financial and administrative challenges daily,
making it difficult for them to compete with hospital facilities.
This competitive landscape and the impact of the pandemic have underscored the need
for ASCs to adopt innovative strategies to remain viable and competitive in the
healthcare industry.

ASC Billing & Coding Services

HealthUnits LLC has a team of experts assisting with ASC billing and coding nationwide. With over 20 years of experience in the medical billing profession, we have successfully navigated the challenges posed by healthcare reforms while working with ASCs. Here are some of our key accomplishments and strategies:
                                                                          Key Accomplishments: – 

Maximized Reimbursements: We have successfully secured maximum reimbursements from insurance carriers. 

Implementation of EMR, EHR, and PM: We have effectively implemented electronic medical records (EMR), electronic health records (EHR), and practice management (PM) systems. 

Compliance with Healthcare Updates: We stay compliant with the latest healthcare updates and regulations.

Successful AR Recovery: We have achieved successful accounts receivable (AR) recovery.

Smart Denial Management: Our team excels in managing denials effectively. 

                                                                     Comprehensive Billing Services:

Our professional experts follow a smart working format to incorporate ASC knowledge and provide end-to-end billing services. Our team is proficient in handling the diverse aspects of Ambulatory Surgical Centers, including: –

Data Management: Keeping accurate records of deductibles, co-payments, and fee schedules.

Errorless Coding: Ensuring accurate coding and checking for NCCI, LCD, NCD, and MUE edits.

Legitimate Patient Statements:  Providing accurate and legitimate patient statements. –

Reduced AR Aging Accounts: Applying effective denial management strategies to reduce AR aging accounts.

Customized Reporting: Offering a customized reporting system that reflects the essential details of ASC practices.  

                                                                     Expertise in Denial Management:

 Our billing team has successfully overcome denials and low payments across the country by utilizing denial management skills and technical coding abilities. Our services include: 

Errorless Claim Submission: Ensuring claims are submitted accurately. 

Timely Follow-Up on Denials & Rejections: Proactively following up on denials and rejections.

Appeals on Upheld Decisions: Filing appeals on upheld decisions.

HIPAA Compliance: Maintaining a HIPAA-compliant system.

                                                                    Staying Informed and Updated:

Our billers stay informed about upcoming updates in ASC coding guidelines and utilize emerging software solutions to provide the best service.

Enhancing Revenue Cycle: HealthUnits LLC explores different parts of the ASC revenue cycle management (RCM) to ensure a smooth income flow and enhanced revenue cycle. Our team puts in 100% effort to increase revenue for ASC services. We also encourage providers to use the latest equipment and tools for procedures like endoscopy. 

Addressing the Aging Population Pressure: We understand the pressure of the aging population in ASCs demanding surgical procedures. Our team helps ASCs by maintaining revenue and minimizing claim denials, allowing clients to focus on other important tasks. HealthUnits LLC is dedicated to providing professional and comprehensive solutions for ASC billing and coding, ensuring that our clients stay comfortable and have ample time to concentrate on their core responsibilities. 

HealthUnits LLC is dedicated to providing professional and comprehensive solutions for ASC billing and coding, ensuring that our clients stay comfortable and have ample time to concentrate on their core responsibilities.