Urgent Care Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding is a complex and time-consuming process. In an urgent care setting, the need for expert medical billing is even more critical due to the industry's nature. Urgent care facilities aim to see as many patients as possible to provide relief in emergency situations, leaving no room for errors in documentation and record-keeping. At HealthUnits, we understand the urgency of medical billing in urgent care. We focus on providing our urgent care clients with efficient, professional, and cost-effective medical billing services. Our goal is to support their fast-paced operations and help them perform at their best.

Urgent care facilities consistently face challenges such as high-deductible healthcare plans and patient co-pays. The most challenging aspect is implementing compliance regulations to establish and maintain daily activities in the urgent care facility. These essentials are crucial to keeping the urgent care billing and coding system at its best. Inaccurate and inefficient coding can lead to catastrophic results for an urgent care facility. At HealthUnits, we have developed a smart system that works diligently to mitigate these issues. Our system allows clients to focus less on billing and more on patient care, ensuring they remain compliant and efficient in their operations.

The urgent care business is flourishing day by day; however, compliant urgent care billing remains a top concern for urgent care facilities. Billing companies must ensure that all billing and coding processes comply with urgent care billing guidelines and regulations. At HealthUnits, we understand that all providers must be credentialed, and claims involving non-physician care must be billed and coded in accordance with the Federal False Claims Act (FCA). Our commitment to compliance helps urgent care facilities operate smoothly and efficiently.


Providers working in urgent care facilities are often too busy caring for their patients to manage the details of billing and coding. This is where HealthUnits LLC steps in, offering comprehensive services to free providers from this burden. You can call us anytime for a complete description of our customized services tailored for the urgent care business. Our excellent billing and coding program can guide you to achieve maximum profit.

HealthUnits LLC supports providers with urgent care coding services, including:

● Examining and Enhancing Claims Procedures:  Ensuring accuracy and efficiency
    in the claims process.
● Optimized Submission Process: Streamlining the submission of claims for faster
● Timely Pursuing of Denials with an Aggressive Approach:  Actively addressing
    and resolving denied claims.
● Carefully Following-Up on Patient’s Balances:  Ensuring all patient balances are
   managed and collected.
● Up-To-Date Performance Reporting to Clients:  Providing regular and detailed
    performance reports.
● Electronic Claims Billing:  Utilizing electronic systems for efficient billing.
● Reading and Posting EOBs:  Managing explanation of benefits (EOBs)
● Revising Contracts:** Ensuring all contracts are up-to-date and beneficial.
● Managing Analysis and Recommendations for Clients:** Offering expert analysis
   and tailored recommendations to improve practice performance.
● Our services are designed to help you focus on patient care while we handle the
complexities of billing and coding, ensuring maximum profitability and compliance.