Free Standing Emergency Rooms/Departments (FSEDs) have rapidly gained traction in the healthcare industry in the United States. HealthUnits is one of the pioneering stakeholders with comprehensive knowledge of FSEDs, successfully operating in various states across the USA. As the industry evolves, partnering with a billing specialist like HealthUnits is essential to navigate the unique challenges that an FSED billing cycle can encounter.

HealthUnits provides premium medical billing services for emergency rooms and freestanding emergency departments (FSEDs) nationwide. Our ER billing services ensure increased revenue and rapid cash flow. By implementing advanced billing strategies, we significantly boost collections and maintain streamlined cash flow. Our comprehensive reporting system supports practice management by effectively converting medical records into billable claims. To maximize collections for emergency services, HealthUnits expertly oversees all processes involved in the emergency room billing cycle.Our team is well-trained and knowledgeable about the essentials and contemporary rules of both institutional and professional emergency room billing.

With tailored emergency billing strategies, our clients achieve the highest level of satisfaction in workflow and operations. Our credentialing department excels in managed care contract negotiations and medical records management. We integrate the emergency room billing process with electronic claim submissions, avoiding clearinghouse rejections, and ensuring data compatibility with medical billing software. HealthUnits offers cost-effective and economical billing solutions that alleviate practice stress and enhance client trust.

HealthUnits LLC continuously innovates to keep our Emergency Room Billing and Consulting Services ahead of competitors. Contact us without hesitation, and we will provide a customized list of services that best suit your practice. You will notice the uniqueness and exclusivity of our offerings.

Regarding dollar reimbursements, HealthUnits outperforms other billing companies. Our collection department excels at maximizing both easy and hard-to-collect funds. Unlike many billing companies that neglect outstanding and unsettled amounts, we stay informed about changes in government regulations, provider credentialing, and payer trends. This knowledge enables us to achieve high reimbursement levels. Our appeals, reconsiderations, and negotiations departments are aligned with the latest processes, working seamlessly to ensure efficient cash flow and peak revenue.