Health Units is the brainchild of medical and health professionals who are passionate about health and fitness issues. It is not another drop in the pond, it is a whole new way of presenting and consuming health news and information. We want to make it simple, social and engaging. And that is exactly what we are doing.

We also know it would have been a pain wading through all the health information out there. There are a lot of really dubious factoids calling themselves “medical research” on the internet. Yes, there is a lot of serious, meticulously compiled medical literature as well. But reading that is a bit of a snooze. Too complicated, too many acronyms and too little “English”. Even qualified medical doctors need reference books to make sense of some of such content.

That’s where Health Units comes in. We get you the best of both worlds.

We contact doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and whole lot of other grownups to provide their input. And then run that information through the mill of our team of seasoned journalists who package that information to fulfill our editorial standards. Our information is accurate, coherent and is presented in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

We take the pains to make it easy-to-read, social and engaging for you. Read on and we believe you will like what we are doing.

Our Team

Bilal Liaqat
Bilal LiaqatDirector Operations
Bilal Liaqat is the Director of Operations at Health Units. He comes with a vast experience in managing large scale organizations in property, construction and health sectors.
Dr Shahid Mahmood, MD
Dr Shahid Mahmood, MDContent Adviser
Dr Shahid Mahmood, MD, BPT, has passed FRACP (written) and is hoping to do advanced training in oncology. He likes cricket and reading up on the cutting edge of cancer research.
Dr Javeria Din, MD (New York)
Dr Javeria Din, MD (New York)Content Adviser
Dr Javeria Din, MD, an American Medical Association member, is an enthusiastic MD from New York and clinical ex-tern at Dr. Barry Reisberg NYU, who starts her day with a cup of coffee and a research news.
Dr Ramla Sahib Din
Dr Ramla Sahib DinChief Content Officer
Dr Ramla Sahib Din is a dentist by training but according to her, “The paramountcy of a transcendent event, and for that event to be credibly conveyed on the paper, excites me.” This makes her a passionate medical journalist.
Dr Ambar Rafique (Australia)
Dr Ambar Rafique (Australia)Content Adviser
Dr Ambar Rafique is currently working in Hervey Bay Hospital, Queensland, Australia. She will soon be joining her Australian General Practitioner training.
Dr Sidra Siyal
Dr Sidra SiyalContent Adviser
A medical professional, steering her way through USMLE, in pursuit of becoming an MD. Her passion for research has led to a research paper in her name with the next one in the pipeline. She never stopped dreaming of novelty as this is the new normal!.
Dr Fatima Siyal (Scotland)
Dr Fatima Siyal (Scotland)Content Adviser
A budding healthcare professional cum researcher. Based in Scotland, she is pursuing a MRCP (Member of Royal College of Physicians) degree.
Dr Maria Khalil
Dr Maria KhalilMedical Writer
Maria is a medical student and a daytime philosopher who is constantly searching for the golden ratio that connects the seen and unseen aspects of our world together. She loves writing.
Dr Affaf Salman
Dr Affaf SalmanPharma Writer
Dr Affaf Salman holds an MPhil in Pharmacology and Pharm-D. She takes keen interest in clinical pharmacology and medicine related subjects. She also enjoys reading fiction novels.
Saira Zulfiqar
Saira ZulfiqarContent Officer
A pharmacy graduate, Saira Zulfiqar works as a medical writer and researcher. She is taken to books, tea and loneliness.
Sajid Khan Lodhy
Sajid Khan LodhyExecutive Editor
Being a journo all his life, Sajid heads our editorial department. He is a nature lover, tech aficionado, loves jazz and blues, and wishes he could travel space and time.
Bilal Murtaza
Bilal MurtazaEditor, Nutrition and Pharma
A mass communication graduate with ample experience in content writing and editing, Bilal aims to pursue a career in journalism. His interests include graphic designing, reading and, watching and playing tennis in his free time.
Rayyan Tariq Khan
Rayyan Tariq KhanEditor, Medical Content
Rayyan is a self-styled polymath. Apart from being a researcher of interdisciplinary biology, he holds an honors degree in Biological sciences, and writes and edits his way to global domination. He loves eating dragons and leaving out commas.
Shahzadi Seher Sohail
Shahzadi Seher SohailHealth Writer
Seher fell in love with books at the age of 10, starting her journey as a writer and after specializing in nutrition, she evolved into a health reporter and supporter of healthy living.
Huda Munir
Huda MunirMedical Writer
Huda Munir is an epidemiologist with expertise in public health policy. She is also an information junkie and loves to read “everything”.
Fatima Tariq
Fatima TariqHealth Writer
Fatima is a nutritionist and is passionate about healthy living, green energy and superfoods. Sometimes out of curiosity, she tries to unravel the dilemma of holistic nutrition philosophy.
Fizza Akbar
Fizza AkbarHealth Writer
Fizza is a graduate of Biotechnology and Psychology, who aims to specialize in the field of Medical Genetics. Intrigued by the advancements in medical research and complemented with her passion to write, she absolutely enjoys her work
Fazeel Ashraf
Fazeel AshrafHealth Writer
Fazeel is an Information Technology graduate from NUST. Books and writing have always been a part of his life and he has been using words and music for personal gain since 1992.
Namal Javed
Namal JavedHealth Writer
Namal is a Biotech graduate, with a keen interest in debates and painting. She aims to pursue her higher studies in Medical Diagnostics or cancer oncology. In her free time, she reads a good book, goes for a long walk or cooks for her family.
Dr Shehnoor Azhar
Dr Shehnoor AzharMedical Writer
Dr Shehnoor Azhar is a dentist by profession & re-discovered interests in various aspects of global health during Fulbright years. His interests lie in community-based health interventions. He currently works as a Medical Superintendent.
Dr Hassan Ahmad
Dr Hassan AhmadPharma Writer
Dr Hassan Ahmad, MPhil, PhD Scholar, is currently working as a lecturer at a reputed college and is passionate about medical writing. An ardent writer, Dr Hassan is a regular contributor to Health Units.
Marija Cerauskaite (Dubai)
Marija Cerauskaite (Dubai)Contributing Author
Marija is a contributing author at Health Units. She is also an experienced marketing and communications professional, based in Dubai.
Dr Hira Tanveer
Dr Hira TanveerContributing Author
Dr Hira Tanveer is a bachelor of Medicine, and aspires to be an MD. Her time in school left her with a deep love of reading and writing fiction. In her spare time, she writes for technical magazines, blogs and other online publications.
Dr Afifa (UK)
Dr Afifa (UK)Dental Contributer
Dr Afifa Jabbar is a registered dentist in UK. She has completed her. MJDF (Member of Joint Dental Faculty ) part 1 and is currently studying for part 2. In her free time, she likes occupying herself with books and research papers. She loves backpacking and witty humor.
Muhammad Khizar
Muhammad KhizarSocial Media Manager
Khizar is our social media genius who likes to stay on top of latest social media trends and technologies. He has graduate in software engineering with a major in social media penetration. Khizar believes in the positive power of social media.
Freeha Bashir
Freeha BashirHead of Design Department
Freeha Bashir, Bachelors in Graphic Design, is a go getter and a busy bee driven to collect the finest nectar of ideas crafting the purest visual design solutions. In her free time she loves to work more and play with her cats.
Shoaib Amjad
Shoaib AmjadGraphic and Visual Designer
Artistic by nature, juggler by mind. A versatile person with realistic approach in the field of marketing, design and communication. Shoaib has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Loves music, dance and colors.