Brief Overview

HealthUnits LLC. is a prominent provider of Medical Billing & Coding services for large, small and midsized healthcare groups individual practices. Our innovative & integrated health information system and billing services provide affordable solutions to customers of all dimensions in the United States of America. Our working standards help us make decisions to streamline operations and guarantee compliance with healthcare industry policies. We are an upcoming organization in the healthcare industry, whose core commitment is to adopt a client attentive approach. HealthUnits desires that providers/groups must select our services, so we can drive the wheel of their business with an organic and intellectual approach


We help our customers to reach their highest level of success
● Treat our customers like family
● Treat their money as our money
● Be the leading experts at what we do
● Pursue excellence in everything we do


Provide our customers with exceptional services by focusing on the health of their
organization’s Accounts Receivable and create an awesome place to work where
everyone is committed to the success.

Company Profile

HealthUnits LLC. was established in 2015. We have two locations and headquarter is in Houston Texas. HealthUnits LLC. has gained marvelous progress in a small span of time. Our growth rate proves that we have well-implemented the technology-based processes
which also sets the roots of increased productivity. HealthUnits has followed the criteria of long-term success by concatenating the employees with the technological process of investment and billing responsibilities.

HealthUnits provides tailored ways to American Clinicians that show elegant practice management services presented in the landscape of the USA health care industry. To offer better control over patient’s scheduling and billing, we train our team to utilize more power of the internet and advance technologies. We furnish our clients with the entire information of their billing data. All-inclusive billing reports are also delivered to show the synopsis of medical practice. This process comes up with a result of reduced cost.

HealthUnits is currently operating 5 days a week with more than 150 employees. The company is also providing job opportunities for young professionals and allows them to work in an innovative and healthy atmosphere.

How is HealthUnits as a workplace?

Employees are being demanded for 9 hours shift in a row of 5 days working a week. They are served to work in an enrich and vigorous environment.

  1. A phenomenal internal communication system has been created for the employees and management which prevents the process from various errors and unhappy events.
  2. HealthUnits is also conducting in-house training sessions to develop technical skills in its employees. Recreational opportunities are also being offered in the form of trips, internal & external sports competitions, and music concerts, etc.
  3.  To boost the employee’s healthy lifestyle, HealthUnits is facilitating with a body alive gym in the office premises, and also planning to make a sports complex for the employees to make them happy and encouraged.

Human Resource Management

We think that company growth is hidden in the growth of its employees. So HealthUnits emphasizes the workers to stay like a family rather than an organization. We are well aware the quality equipment, efficient tools, and machines are worthless without good humans. So our human resource department is doing a great job to develop a workforce that is equipped with all essentials and achieving their goals in the long term.

HealthUnits’s Information Technology

A unique IT service is provided by the IT department in HealthUnits. Since there is no place without having the tools and equipment of emerging technologies so our IT professionals keep monitoring the latest developments in the IT business industry. Our company also sponsors volunteers to pass Microsoft Certifications to become a highly qualified IT professional.

Our IT staff thinks out of the box and comes up with best practice management solutions. IT professionals are capable to provide enormous ways for data and voice communication among providers, insurances, patients, and upcoming clients as well. They utilize maximum internet and technology to empower the process of billing and scheduling done by medical providers

Skills & Expertise

HealthUnits LLC. core capabilities contain:

● Owning Software House 

● Android / IOS Development 

● Revenue Cycle Management

 ● Medical Billing 

● Medical Coding

 ● HIPPA Compliant Data Security 

● Client Relationship Management