Expanded Productivity, Improved Reimbursement

HealthUnits successfully manages the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for various organizations across multiple states in the USA. We have the capability to work with a variety of billing software, including eClinicalWorks, CollaborateMD, Practice Fusion, Epic, and many others.

Our Optimized Revenue Program delivers the best outcomes, ensuring that organizations can confidently choose us to manage their revenue cycle. HealthUnits is dedicated to providing increased revenue and enhanced productivity while utilizing minimal resources. Although some organizations may hesitate to outsource their revenue cycle, they should consider our services to maximize reimbursements.

A well-managed revenue cycle significantly impacts both the organization and the physician's income. HealthUnits strives to meet client satisfaction by smartly automating the system. Additionally, our reliable team works efficiently in the background to make the compilation process more streamlined and effective.