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Streamlining Mental Health Billing Services for Improved Efficiency and Accuracy

Are you struggling with managing your mental health patients or finding it challenging to navigate the complexities of mental health billing services? Look no further. Our Mental Health Billing Services are here to provide you with efficient, accurate, and quick solutions for your billing needs. With our comprehensive behavioral health billing services, we can help you optimize your income and avoid future billing issues.

Why Choose Health Units for Mental Health Billing Services?

Health Units is a leading provider of comprehensive mental health billing outsourcing services. Our team of professionals has helped numerous mental health care providers maximize their earning potential through our efficient revenue collection methods. We have a dedicated team of top Mental Health coders and billers who are trained to deliver innovative, data-driven solutions to increase your income production. Our team includes seasoned professionals with experience in mental health practices, ensuring that we can design customized billing solutions that meet your specific needs.

Top Reasons for Insurance Denials in Mental Health Billing

Insurance denials can be frustrating, but our team at Health Units is skilled at resolving all mental health billing denials. We address issues such as inaccurate CPT codes, uncovered or excluded charges, provider enrollment errors, incorrect payer billing, conflicting claims, and inconsistent billing contractual obligations.

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The Billing Process for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Behavioral Health

Our billing service follows a strict and unique billing system designed specifically for therapists, psychologists, and mental health specialists. We begin by thoroughly analyzing your clinic for potential revenue streams and discrepancies in revenue cycle management. Next, we install and configure software to enhance workflows and optimize profits based on industry best practices. Finally, we assign billing specialists with expertise in psychiatry or mental health to oversee and manage the defined process and handle all aspects of billing for your practice.

What Do We Offer?

Unlike other billing firms, Health Units Mental Health Billing Services aim to increase insurance and patient reimbursements without overwhelming your business with administrative burdens. Our mental health billing services include:

  • Verification of eligibility and preauthorization: We communicate with insurance providers to determine coverage for each patient, providing you with a comprehensive list of benefits to create customized treatment plans. Patients are informed of any out-of-pocket costs, deductible requirements, attendance caps, and authentication restrictions.
  • Claim processing: Our staff assists in confirming coverage before the insurance company processes a claim, monitoring your revenue cycle, and key performance indicators. We provide support for automated crossovers and secondary claims.
  • Prosecution and appeal: We keep you informed of claim status and, if necessary, appeal for low wages if payments are delayed or less than the invoiced amount.
  • Billing for patients: We handle issuing invoices via mail or email and welcome any billing and payment inquiries from patients.
  • Payment posting: Our payment posting service ensures accurate tracking of payments received from insurers and patients, allowing us to pay your claims promptly.
  • Digital data management and charge entry: We offer secure 24/7 access to all outstanding balances, claims, and financial information through our online system, streamlining your access to key performance indicators.

With Health Units Mental Health Billing Services, you can trust that your billing process will be efficient, accurate, and tailored to your specific needs. Let us handle the complexities of mental health billing so you can focus on providing the best care for your patients.

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